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Claire Godding's objective? To make the entire financial sector more inclusive and diverse. This is a question of collective intelligence for the company, which requires human resources processes from recruitment onwards, as well as an inclusive culture and leadership.

Inclusive Panels is an initiative that strives for a better mix of gender, origin and age in panels at all kinds of events in Belgium.

Women in Finance, the initiative that promotes equal and fair opportunities for all those working in the financial sector, has published figures on the progress of gender equality in the financial sector for the second year in a row. 

In this article you will read more about what kind of impact women can have within a management team.

Men and women view the world from a different perspective. Younger and older employees often have a different view of things. The same is true for those who grew up in a different culture. Put all those different perspectives together and you get not only better insights but also better decisions.

Thanks to Women in Finance, almost 60% of the signatories actively started working on an action plan on gender diversity.

Charter important step towards gender balance and diversity.