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02 January, 2023

Annual report 2021-2022

Wo•Men in Finance: three years after its creation, the association, which now has 50 members, is regarded as an example in Belgium and Europe.

Wo•Men in Finance, an association and charter launched in June 2019, presents its third annual report. This includes the initiatives of 2021 and 2022 and the evolution of gender in all levels of the financial sector in 2021. The association now has 50 members, who together represent more than 90% of the financial sector: banks, insurance companies and other financial companies that want to make progress together. What makes this unique sector initiative so strong?       

- The focus on measuring glass ceilings, namely identifying the levels where women are drastically less present within each institution    

- The six working groups that bring together about a hundred colleagues, both women and men, who work in the affiliated institutions

- The large-scale events attracting a mixed and diverse audience: the two events organized in June and October 2022 attracted a total of more than 600 participants

- The workshops and tools developed by the working groups on various topics, including the prevention of sexism in companies, measuring the Gender Pay Gap, etc.; · 

- Sharing member progress and actions

- The sectoral surveys, and more specifically the survey on blocking factors for the careers of women and men in the financial world;       

- The broad approach towards all actors responsible for change: CEOs, HR managers, employees, recruiters, etc.

For the first time, the share of women in senior management will exceed 30% in 2021. At the same time, the survey on blocking factors for careers showed that 28% of respondents are considering leaving their position (31% of women, 22% of men). The main reasons for this are the corporate culture and leadership style. The goals of Wo•Men in Finance in the coming months and years:

- continue to accelerate gender equality at all levels;

- encourage our members to improve their corporate culture to be more inclusive;

- encourage other sectors in Belgium to adopt a similar approach

- encourage the financial sector in Europe to also draw inspiration from our initiative.

To see the full annual report: wif_jaarverslag_2022.pdf (womeninfinancebelgium.be.