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06 September, 2021

#5 Portrait d'une femme dans le secteur financier : Sophie Sine

“I strongly believe in having a female role model!”  

I am the type of person that strongly believes that having a role model is super important. My first impression of the finance and banking sector was definitely the cliché grey suits, black tie and working until you saw the moon shine. I could honestly say that I didn’t see myself working in this industry. Once I stepped foot into the finance world, everything changed. I quickly realised that I had so many inspiring women to look up to. I saw women who were just like me in high job positions, and I was able to imagine myself in their place. There is a sense of sorority between the women that I work with. I never hesitate to ask them questions, ask for their advice, and ask for their help. There has not been an ounce of intense competition between us.  

A great way to show this is the comradery that is present within the HR department that I work in. I am surrounded by encouraging women that I can talk to every single day. One day I can ask for advice from team members who are more experienced than I am, and other days I have team managers who give me their best feedback. I have an amazing HR Manager who has super great visions that are strategic and extremely clear. I sometimes find it confusing to think the way that she does, but she motivates me to learn how she does things. My team is the reason I can envision myself in certain positions and be motivated to go above and beyond my potential.  

Heidi Delobelle is the CEO if AG Insurance, and I have to say that she is one of the most inspiring women that I have met. She is a person who is very humane and makes everybody feel great around her. She is the type of person who has mastered her subject but remains extremely humble. When I talk to her, there is no hierarchy between the both of us. Despite our jobs being so different, she makes me feel like I am at the same level as her. I love to tell people that I have a female CEO! It triggers a little light bulb in people’s minds, and they think “Wow, a woman can be a CEO as well?!” To me, that symbolism is super important.  

From all these amazing women, I take bit by bit from each lady and try and create my ideal portrait. These women give me the confidence to be the best version of myself. When I first received the email to do this interview, I was unsure if I was an “inspiring” woman. I thought to myself, “why me? There are so many other uplifting women in the industry.” They give me the strength to get rid of that imposter syndrome that lives in my head. It’s not about being arrogant, but about having the courage to say, “yes I have the competencies to do this.” I have the courage to go out there and even help younger employees! I see myself as the role models I look up to. 

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