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14 December, 2022

#27 Portrait d'une femme dans le secteur financier: Vera Kocsis

For over 20 years I worked in the financial sector: for banks, asset managers - including different levels of leadership positions. 

During these years I saw many talented women around me experiencing good times and bad times. The key to many of those successes and failures was whether the women themselves believed that being female does not mean owning a 'package' that needs correction until it more resembles the characteristics of a male: being female involves another set of strength - a set that is equally valid and valuable. 

For this reason, after 20 years characterized by taking up various positions each challenging my comfort zone, the same comfort zone I finally completely left behind when I have recently decided to set up my own business as a coach supporting female professionals on the road to find their passion - and to find their true selves, just like I did.

As Antoine De Saint-Exupery used to say: you can get a ship built via giving people instructions how to gather wood and distribute the work. OR you can show them the marvellous, endless sea..

As for me, at my current stage of life, I am sailing.

Interviewed by: Piroska Matusek

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