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14 March, 2023

#34 Portret van een vrouw in de financiële sector: Sabrine Ouerghui

1)      Can you shortly present your role as today in the organisation​?

I am the campaign manager, mainly focusing on the content creation of the campaigns. I am still very new to the job but I’m very excited to explore finance.


2)      What brought you to finance?​

I’ve always been interested in finance. I started my career in consumer electronics but after 6 years I decided to challenge myself by choosing a completely different environment. This opportunity presented itself which I could not allow to pass by.


3)      What did you learn recently regarding gender equality?​

I’m convinced that achieving a more balanced representation of men and women in a company is very important. Gender diversity offers different point of views which are highly useful to fully understand clients.


4)      What was one of the decisions that had the most impact on you or your career? ​

The biggest decision I took in my career was leaving my previous job which was very familiar to me. I always enjoyed working in a dynamic environment, but I felt that it was time for something new. This job feels like a match to me, based on the changes that have occurred in my life and personality-wise.


5)      Any message to share with female students interested in finance, or with young women starting their career?​

Believe in yourself and go for what you truly want. Let experiences surprise you.